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How to know you've been spiked

If you have been spiked, this symptoms can take effect within 15-30mins and can last for several hours. These symptoms may still be felt after a night's sleep. Although each drug can have various symptoms, they can usually include some of the below. 



Blurred vision/ Out of Body Experience

Confusion or Disorientation

Difficulty concentration

Nausea or Vomiting


Loss of balance/ difficulty moving

Memory Loss or Blackouts


About Us

Phrassa Pharmaceutical is a new company with a familiar feel. Owen McKeon and Martin O’ Connell are the owners and have decided to launch this company as a wholly owned Irish entity. They are based in Dunboyne. Liam O’ Donovan, Geraldine O’ Leary and Brian Woods joined them in September. All have worked together previously in Meda and then Mylan and will be familiar to many pharmacists. Their addition will be of enormous benefit to the company and the impetus for further development.

“CYD” Check Your Drink is the first novel test for drink spiking. This is an issue of which most people are aware, and this will help protect, control and maintain the safety of our social life for people in Ireland.

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